How to lead a High-performance team?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

When you employ staff, you clearly tell them their roles and responsibilities of what they need to get done. You provide them training and let them know when things need to get done and to what standards they need to meet. You give them a bit of time to get used to the new role and patiently explain to them everything again when they make mistakes.

But then 6 weeks in and your team members still do not perform, as a business owner you can feel frustrated thinking "Why can't they just follow instructions and get it done they way I told them? Oh well, they won't ever understand and care as much about the business as I do!"

There are two underlying reasons for your team not performing: Attitude and Capability.

  • Firstly you re-assess whether it is because the team member is lack of skills and experience to carry out a challenging task. If it is the case, as the leader you need to reflect whether sufficient training was provided or appropriate method of training was adopted. Not everyone learn the same way as everyone elses. Some prefer reading and figuring things out on their own and just do the task. Some people prefer face-to-face presentation or video instruction. Once you unlock the training puzzle, your incredibly intelligent staff member you hired will 10 x the performance and results.

  • Secondly, when you've well and truly nailed the induction as well as training and you're pretty sure your staff know what to do but things are still not done by due date to the required outcomes? That is when you need to re-evaluate whether the person's personality and attitude are suitable for the role. "Do they want to perform their tasks? Do they understand the importance of their role within the organisation? Do they feel that they are contributing to the business in a unique way?" Then it is the time for a one-on-one honest conversation with care and genuine intention to seek understanding from staff member.

If the person really wants the job and has all intention to perform well, as the leader it is then your responsibility to ensure your team members feel belonged, appreciated and needed to be part of a high-performance team working together towards achieving the same mission and vision that impact the world in positive ways.

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